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Digitally Made is a content platform that gathers digital experts that’ll help you start, grow, and maintain your business. In any business right now, if you’re not online, you’re in big trouble. You should have three things, email, website and social media. This means that your business is ready to take the next level – the digital space. We launched Digitally Made last May where there was a series of webinars talking about building your niche, maximizing your automation tools, art of social media and etc. It is a platform and source of genius for people who need to learn more about the digital world. Seeks to connect different experts in the digital field, sharing what they know, methods, techniques and even tools that could help make a business thrive in the digital world.

When we launched Digitally Made, we had 8 different speakers sharing their experiences. We created the collaterals, set up the webinar, sequences, opt-in pages, thank you pages, replay pages and etc.

Here are some examples of the collaterals & pages we’ve built:

Landing page:

Webinar opt-in page:

Thank you page:

Replay page:

Here are some of the collaterals we’ve created:

Posting-Taki Moore - blueA
Posting-Taki Moore - blueB
Posting - Chris Do - pinkA
Posting - Chris Do - pinkB

We had 2-3 weeks to set up the brand, invite the speakers, set up the sequences, built the presskits and etc. We collaborated with the design, marketing and web team.


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