Don’t Be a Client From Hell


Don’t Be a Client From Hell

Virtual Assistants hope or even pray that the clients they’ll be working with would be approachable, understanding, patient and kind. The kind wherein the tasks he’ll be giving would be simple and plausible, or a client who knows how to communicate well with his VA. That sounds like a fairytale right? When you build solely on that particular perspective it makes it seem that your reality is a bit distorted. Come to think of it, not all clients we have are like that. In fact, they might even be the exact opposite of what the VA’s dream client would be. It is important to recognize the work ethic that we will be establishing, especially if the client is engrossed in his business.

When you are a new VA, you expect everything to go well with the client you are working with. You acknowledge that you are still on your learning curve, trying to work through the amount of job that has been given to you, learning from the mistakes that you have had, and communicating with the client about the task you are currently working on. Let’s not forget that you are also trying to assess your client’s personality- whether he is considerate or just awfully strict, and with that you are left with no choice but to adjust to your client’s personality. All of those mentioned above are completely normal. That’s if the client understands your adjustment phase. But if not, oh boy, you are in for a rollercoaster ride.

Expect that there would be clients who wouldn’t understand why you couldn’t complete the task that you are asked to do. One wherein you try your hardest to be as fast and productive as you can be, but it seems like it’s taking longer than what the client has expected you to do. With that, you are left with your client sending you a ton of emails ranting about how long you will finish that project- ranting and at the same time infuriated because you haven’t completed it on the deadline that was required. Other clients have high expectations with their VA’s, and once their VA’s won’t reach their level of expectation, they will send a report about your bad performance.

Sometimes it is not entirely the VA’s fault. Yes, it may take time to work on a certain task, and times that you desperately need help from your co-workers for you to understand a particular tool, but the client has to understand that not all VA’s can easily pick up what they are asked to do. There’s no doubt that it all boils down to just being understanding and patient with one another. Since the both of you have a professional relationship, it’s important to work together as a team. Learning how to communicate with each other, talking about what kind of work ethic works best with your client, and open up the things that you have difficulty with. With that, you can possibly succumb to all the problems you have and aspire to have a long-term working relationship with your client.

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