16 Dec The Convo with Mac Rundle: Social Media Breakthrough

In Today's episode of The Convo, we got Mac Rundle, a wellness and breakthrough coach. Mac has been using Facebook and Instagram as his main platform for spreading the word out. As we all know, Social Media is a very strong (and getting stronger everyday)...

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19 Sep 7 Ways to Manage an Underperforming VM

Managing underperforming employees is almost always the common the problem for all managers. It's just something we all dread, don't we? But, we can't just ignore it...

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07 Sep The Convo with Alex & Jhaye: A Clear Cut Difference between Virtual Managers and Virtual Assistants

Join us as we talk about what a virtual manager really means and how different it is to a virtual assistance. And who else, but Alex, to best explain it....

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12 Aug Do you make these common mistakes with your VA?

There are different forces at work when you work with people from abroad because you don’t have them sitting next to you. We created a list to help you work more productively with your virtual staff....

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