Brand Strategy and Communication

Carve believes that a brand is what others say you are. We help entrepreneurs and innovators turn their identity system into an experience for their clients. We think about how the brand is going to do 10 years from now, not only according to what is trending at the present. We do this by making the brand DNA of the company the foundation.

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Having a team that supports you in your business is a great way to manage your projects and have that focus we all know you need in your business.
The client management team are experts in managing not only your projects, but also the small to medium technical tasks that needs to be done on a daily basis. Such tasks are appointment scheduling, inbox management, list building, and more!

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We always start with the brand DNA, that thing that makes the brand unique. From there, we have ideation sessions with the team, create mood boards, and individual logo sketches. From there, ideas are analyzed and filtered until we arrive at the final ideogram. The process repeats for the rest of the brand elements. This hear-create-deliver process repeats until we, together with our client, arrive at a brand that we are fully confident in.


Task Management

New designers in Carve get to experience the design world in 360 degrees until they find their forte. They then become specialists in an area of design which they get to practice everyday.

Tasks under a branding project are delegated to designers who are specialists for the specific tasks. Videos are handled by our experienced video editors. Graphics of a certain style are delegated to designers who are experts in the said style. Having a team this diverse allows expansion for the client, Carve and the designers as well.


Project Management

In Carve, one of our core values is people. We believe that anyone can be a leader regardless of title, background, or skill. Each of our designers are equipped with project management skills and are constantly being coached and trained.

Each branding project is on-boarded through the design directors, and then delegated to the whole design team, where the PM for that project is then chosen. This way, the whole team contributes to each project, while it is being handled by only one person.

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